JC Recycling Solutions:
JC Recycling Solutions has been a full disposal and recycling company whose mission is to prevent valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals from ending up in landfills in Southern Ontario. This aids in preserving some of the Earth’s precious natural resources.

Our motto is The Three E’s: Energy, Economy and Ecology. We save energy and help the environment by reusing metal resources. This helps to aid the growth of our economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We offer competitive pricing and optimal customer service.  

Electronic Waste Program:
Waste Assessment :

We have been recycling electronic waste from corporate offices for over five years, but, over the last few months, we have been expanding these services to residences as well. With technology advancing as quickly as it does, many households are forced to either dispose of their old electronics improperly, or to hold onto them indefinitely. Therefore, we are now accepting old televisions, cell phones, personal computers, VCRs, printers, AC power adaptors and other old electronics from the general public.
JC Recycling Solutions offers assessments for both business recycling and waste. Our staff is trained to properly evaluate your companies needs in order to put together the optimal waste management and recycling program to suit those needs. The evaluation covers ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronic waste and garbage. While using this program, unwanted materials are disposed of in a way that is environmentally friendly, while saving your organization both time and money.

Please email us today for a complimentary assessment or calll 647-212-6255.